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infrared illuminatorOutdoor Infrared Illuminators
Great nighttime and low-light applications. Can see in complete darkness. Works only with black and white or day/night cameras. Weatherproof for outdoor use.
battery packPower Supplies & Battery Pack
Our high quality power supplies & battery pack can be used with most of the products found in our catalog.
multi power supplyMulti-Power Supplies
Supplies power to multiple cameras. Eliminates the need for individual power supplies. Makes for a cleaner, more professional install.
cablesAll in One Cables
Power and video on one cable. Comes with extra RCA and BNC connections so it works with all 12 Volt wired video cameras.
We have the highest quality video connectors for all your surveillance needs.
balunActive and Passive Balun
Transmit video, audio and power over regular twisted pair (up to 12,000 feet with the active and up to 1,000 feet with the passive). Easy installation and adjustments, Built-in protection from surge.
infrared illuminatorOutdoor Infrared Illuminator
These new infrared illuminators incorporate the new Hi-light technology. This new technology is over 4 times more powerful than traditional illuminators. Designed for indoor and outdoor use with special AlGalnP, High light IR LED’s (over 20,000 hours LED Life)
We have a complete line of high quality housings, they all include brackets.