CCTV Bullet Cameras

Bullet security cameras are an excellent choice for outdoor security. We like the Sony ex view bullet camera for its ability to see in low light conditions

bullet camWaterproof Infrared Bullet
Wired Waterproof Camera submergible over 100 feet. Infrared technology allows the viewer to see up to 20 feet in complete darkness.
bullet cameraWireless Infrared Bullet
Just mount this wireless camera, supply power, and it becomes a wireless fully weatherproof system. Infrared technology (for black and white cameras only) allows the viewer to see up to 20 feet in complete darkness.
bullet cameraLow Light, Outdoor Bullet Camera
Excellent high resolution, weatherproof, low light, outdoor camera. Available in color or black & white.
bullet cameraDay/Night Color Bullet Camera
This bullet has a high quality digital CCD that automatically switches from color to black & white in low light conditions. To enhance low light visibility it has built-in 12 high infrared illuminators. Fully weatherproof. Available wired or wireless.
bullet cameraDay/Night Weatherproof Color Bullet Camera with 66 Infrared LED's
Just released, high resolution Sony 1/3Ē CCD Exview Image Sensors in conjunction with 66 High Power IR LEDís make this a very popular camera. This compact camera has an extraordinary picture in pitch-black conditions with the truest color reproduction available in a day / night camera.