"Digital Phone Recorders make cassette recorders obsolete!

The digital phone recorder has truly revolutionized the market by eliminating most of the problems associated with cassette recorders. 

A digital phone recorder uses a flash memory chip instead of cassette tapes. This allows recording times up to 96 hours with no loss of voice clarity due to tape wear and tear. No matter how many times you play the recording it sounds exactly the same

Since there are no moving parts, you don't have to worry about bleed over noises on the telephone. This is a dead give a way for cassette recorders.

Size in another area that digital phone recorders have the advantage. Most cassette recorders are too large to carry on your body whereas the digital recorder small enough to fit in your pocket. The typical dimensions are approximately 1/2 inch wide by 4 inches long.

When you look at all the advantages a digital phone recorder has over the cassette recorder it takes  no big leap of faith to say that digital phone recorders will soon make cassette recorders obsolete!

We have added the newest models on the market today!
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24 Hour Phone Call Recorder
Our New Compact phone call recorders can digitally store up to (24) Hours of data. With Built-In Voice Operated Recording (VOR), this unit only records when sound is present. With digital recording technology, you no longer need to hassle with flipping tapes. Can also be used as a room recorder
High Tech Digital Phone Recorder
Record up to 96 hours of phone conversations, cell phone calls or voice recording (voice activated). USB Port for ultra quick download to computer. Can also be used as a room recorder
10 Hr Telephone Recorder
Voice / voltage activated system. Records both sides of the conversation on the line and all extensions only when the handset is picked up. AC/DC operated.
Amplified Microphone
This amplified microphone is a great ad-on to just about any camera or DVR System. Not intended for covert audio recording. Check local laws before installation.