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4 Channel Linux Embedded DVR (Non-PC Based)
This DVR unit is a great drop-in replacement for a VCR. With hot exchangeable hard-drive storage, this 4-channel unit comes standard with 80GB of storage and we can build up to 500GB. images can be easily viewed through a standard Web browser via an Internet connection. No special client software is needed.

4 Channel Linux Embedded DVR (Non-PC Based)


4-channel DVR



Key Features:
• VCR-like controls
• Automatic recovery from power interruptions
• Motion activity detection, timer scheduled, and manual recording
• Hot exchangeable HDD
• Easy exportation of recorded video; email pictures, copy to diskette or CD, or print
• images can be retrieved easily by applying various search criteria such as time, alarm, event or thumbnail
• Remote viewing of live or recorded video through a web browser via an Internet connection (special client software not required)
• Dynamic or Static IP Ethernet Connection
• High quality image playback
• Jog/Shuttle
• Backup images on SD card

• Additional hard drive storage is available upon request at additional cost. Can build up to 500GB.


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