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4,8,16 Channel (Non-PC Based) DVR System
These Non PC-Based (embedded) units combine video multiplexing with digital video recording. Uses push-button controls, so no computer or mouse is necessary. These units are network-able, so they can view images live over the Internet from anywhere in the world. Stable platform with clearer images and faster searches than VCRs. Simple yet powerful.

4,8,16 Channel (Non-PC Based) DVR SystemDVR-9104 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder - 80GB
DVR-9108 8 Channel Digital Video Recorder - 80GB
DVR-9116 16 Channel Digital Video Recorder - 200GB

Key Features
• Embedded Linux Operating System
• Built-In Multiplexer
• High Resolution
• External Modem Connection Support
• Remote Access & Management from Client Viewer or Web Browser
• Compatible with External CD/RW
• Expandable Digital Storage
• Built-In Web Server for LAN/WAN/ Internet
• Triplex Function
• Jog/Shuttle Operation
• IR Remote Control
• Real-Time viewing 60fps Playback

• Additional Hard Drive Storage is available upon request at additional cost. Compatible External CD/RW (CDRW-1) Available for CD Backup

- OS: Linux Embedded
- Hard Drive: 80GB starndard uo 800GB
- Camera Input: 4, 8 or 16
- Audio Input: 1 Channel
- Frames/Sec: 60
- Resolution: 720x243 Record/Playback

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