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Multi Channel Portable DVR Briefcasehi tech camera
Complete self-contained digital video recording system for portable operation in a rugged briefcase. The system includes a 10.4” Color Monitor, CDRW on board to quickly backup images. Four wireless and/or 8 Wired channels make this unit unique because of its ability to record and transmit images from any professional or covert camera.

Wireless Receiving Systemhi tech camera
This is the ultimate in self-contained wireless weatherproof receiving systems. The PRS-5000 receives and records the video image from any of our 2.4 GHz cameras (high power recommended for reliability and best range). 24 Hour battery life and record time, much longer in standby. Will also work with our wired cameras.

4 Ch. Portable Recording Systemhi tech camera
The PRS-8000 is a complete analog portable recording systems. It has a built-in quad and 4 built-in 2.4 GHz high gain receivers, allowing it to receive up to 4 wireless cameras at the same time. It also incorporates 4 directional Yagi antennas for maximum range. The built-in rechargeable battery system allows for multiple hours of operation without the use of external power.
4-Channel Portable Digital Recording System
This unit is the ultimate covert portable receiving - recording system because it is self-powered and gives the ability to record images on an SD Card for easy image transport. With one push of a button the image on the screen is captured and stored on SD Card. Cameras can be viewed via the Internet from anywhere in the world!

Wireless Mini DVR SystemDVR System mini
This portable recording system can be worn in either a fanny pack or backpack making it perfect for any covert operation. The PRS-4000 comes complete with a built-in 2.4GHz receiver for wireless applications. 30 GB hard drive.
7" x 5" x 3" and Only 2 pounds!

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Hi-Tech Systems