How Do Nanny Cameras Work?

Articles about nanny cameras will give you a definition of what they are but donít answer the question of how they work.

Nanny cameras work by combining a small miniature board camera a wireless transmitter and a 12 volt dc transformer. They are then installed into an ordinary item like a clock radio.

Once plugged into the electrical outlet the 120 volt power is transformed into 12 volt dc. This is what makes the nanny cameras work without an additional power cord.

In order for nanny cameras work properly they need to stay cool. Excess heat not only can ruin the camera but will gives away its location.

Most people who make there own nanny cameras use a high output transformer rated a 1 amp or more. This allows the camera and wireless transmitter to remain cool.

If you have thought about building a nanny camera yourself itís best if you start by connecting all the components together outside the nanny camera to make sure it works first.

Take apart the components and set them aside. Open up the clock radio you are converting into a nanny camera
Next you want to position the lens of the camera against opening and glue it into place. Iíve found that using hot glue works best.

Nanny cameras have little space to work inside and the hot glue can be ďdrippedĒ into place. It also dries quickly. After the glue dries itís time to make the electrical connections.
Close the nanny camera, plug it in and hope it works!

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