How To Install Nanny Cam

Installing a nanny camera is pretty simple but getting one to work properly is another matter. You need to consider how far the nanny cam will be from the receiver as well as the construction of the house

The wireless transmitter inside the nanny camera has a limited range. Typically they are rated between 300 and 700 feet. While this sounds like a lot, this range is line of site.

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This is the maximum distance the nanny cam will transmit with no obstacles in the way. If you install it in a living room and the receiver is on the other end of the house youíll be lucky to get a good signal.

Construction of a house plays a major role in where you can install a nanny cam. For example newer homes have been using metal studs instead of wood ones.

Metal studs can easily interfere with the video signal and decrease the overall range you can expect. Itís best to install your nanny camera close to the receiver if possible.

Be creative, the receiver could be place in a closet in the same room. You can power it by drilling a small hole in the back of the closet and running a power cord to an electrical outlet.

If youíre not sure of where to drill you can use a stud finder or measure approximately 8 inches from the corner. You should be fine unless you are on an outside wall.

One last tip, before you even attempt to install your nanny camera you should determine where you get the best signal. You can do this by connection the receiver to a portable television and move it from room to room.

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