Motion Activated Spy Camera Review

Spy Cam Built-In DVR Recording Device

When ever new styles of spy cameras come out on the market claiming to be the greatest thing since sliced bread we become skeptical. This was the case with the motion activated spy camera.

It is a spy cam with a built-in DVR recording device. It looks very similar to typical wireless nanny cams you see all over the internet. But this one is quite different.

The 3 critical elements we recommend you look for in any spy camera or nanny cam are. Practicality, placement and ease of deployment. If you have read wireless nanny cam review then you know the clock radio camera is our favorite style of nanny cam.

Clock radio cameras are practical because they fit into just any room with out looking suspicious. They can be placed at different heights to maximize the cameras field of view and can point in the exact direction you need. They are also easy to deploy.

Wireless nanny cams plug in to an ordinary outlet to provide power to the transmitter and camera. The transmitter send the video signal to a receiver some distance away connected to a recording device.

The downside to wireless is that the video signal is subject to interference. That's were this spy cam built-in DVR combination comes to the rescue. It completely eliminates the need for a separate recording device and solves the interference issue.

It uses a new technology that records the video directly to a SD card similiar to the ones used in digital cameras. On top of that this is a motion activated spy camera. No more going through hours of blank video to find the evidence you need.

It includes a time and date stamp feature just like the high end digital video recorders costing thousands of dollars. We really like its ability to review the video directly from the unit connected to a TV or from you computer.

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