Motion Detector Camera

Considered one of the best hidden cameras on the market, motion detector cameras can be used with or with out an existing home security system.

The reason they are so practical and effective is that most all burglar alarms include a motion detector. A camera built inside of working motion detector provided an excellent disguise.

They blend in with the surroundings and a burglar will never know a camera is hidden inside. Pivoting mounting brackets are an excellent feature on this type of camera.

These brackets help you to adjust the camera to the exact position needed so it will detect motion as well as give the camera a good view of the room it is covering.

A wide angle lens comes standard which gives you a 90 degree field of view. In most cases mounting the detector camera in the corner of the room at about 7 feet high is the optimal placement.

An alternate mounting location is above the doorway in a main hallway. If a burglar moves through the home they should pass though the hall giving a great close up for the police to use.

Like all security cameras, they need to be powered and need a way to get the video signal to a CCTV cameras system. Because alarm motion detectors run on 12 volts powering the camera is no problem. You can use the existing power cable.

To get the video feed from the motion detector security camera to a monitor you will need to use video cable such as RG59 coaxial cable. You could also use a wireless video transmitter.

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