Phone Call Recorder

Our New Compact Phone Call Recorders can digitally store up to (24) Hours of data. With Built-In Voice Operated Recording (VOR), this unit will only record phone calls when sound is present. With digital recording technology, you no longer need to hassle with flipping tapes. This is our least expensive unit, but call recording is the same quality as our other models. The only difference is that data can be transferred through an audio cable to your PC real-time using supplied software, while the more expensive units can transfer data via USB. Review, Transfer and Delete single messages easily with built-in flash Memory.

phone call recorder graphic

PR-2100 24 Hour Phone Call Recorder

(1) User’s Manual, (1) Earphone, (2) AAA Alkaline batteries for portable recording, (1) External Pin Type Microphone, (1) Telephone Line Adapter, , (1) External Audio cable, (1) Telephone Cord. and Strap, (1) HiVoice Manager, (1) PC-S/W (CD Rom Title) for PC audio data management, (1)Gigaphone case

• AC/DC adapter for external power