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Wireless Receiving System
This is the ultimate in self-contained wireless weatherproof receiving systems. The PRS-5000 receives and records the video image from any of our 2.4 GHz cameras (high power recommended for reliability and best range). 24 Hour battery life and record time, much longer in standby. Will also work with our wired cameras. Unit also supplies power to the camera. Built-in video input for wired cameras. Video Motion Detection (built-in) activates unit only when motion is detected.

Wireless Receiving System

Wireless System
PRS-5000 Wireless Briefcase Receiving System
Size: 19” (L) x 16” (W) x 7.5” (H)

Comes as shown with 960 hour VCR with date, time stamp and 1 directional 3 elements Patch antenna. Does not include cameras. 3 way power supply, internal batteries, AC adaptor, Car Adaptor



- Monitor: 7 inches, TFT, LCD, Color
- Power: AC Adapter, car lighter adaptor, internal batteries 2 Gel 6V12A each supplies up to 200Hrs of autonomous operation
- Voltage: 12DC and AC Adapter
- Consumption: No more than 2A
- Wireless Operation Freq: 2.4GHz
- Antenna: 6dB, patch, directional
- Video Composition: NTSC
- Motion Detection: Built-in
- VCR: Time-Lapse 960Hrs (max. Recording Time)
- Recording System: 4 Heads / VHS
- Resolution: 350 TV Lines
- Receiver Sensitivity: 80dbm
- Weight: 26 Lbs


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