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4 Ch. Portable Recording System
The PRS-8000 is a complete analog portable recording systems. It has a built-in quad and 4 built-in 2.4 GHz high gain receivers, allowing it to receive up to 4 wireless cameras at the same time. It also incorporates 4 directional Yagi antennas for maximum range. The built-in rechargeable battery system allows for multiple hours of operation without the use of external power. It also has video inputs so the system can be used with 4 wired cameras. Call for full spec sheet.

dvr 9 channel

Portable Recording System
PRS-8000 Wired Video Briefcase System

Comes as shown with 960 hour VCR with date, time stamp and 4 directional Yagi antennas. Does not include cameras

• Portable Recording System for field applications.
• 960 Hrs recording time capability
• 20 Hrs plus battery operation
• 4 Ch simultaneously recording wired or wireless on 2.4GHz Band
• Date, time and title stamp

- Monitor: 7 inches, TFT, LCD, Color
- Power: AC Adaptor, car lighter adaptor, internal batteries 4 Gel 6V12A each supplies up to 200Hrs of autonomous operation
- Voltage: 12DC
- Consumption: 4A (monitor on)
- Wireless Operation Freq: 2.4GHz
- Antenna: Yagi, 3 elements, 4 units
- Video Composition: NTSC
- Video Inputs: 4 wired / 4 wireless
- Quad: Full function, 4 channels
- VCR: Time Lapse 96 Hrs (Max. recording Time)
- Recording System: 4 Head, Double azimuth, VHS
- Resolution: 370 TV Lines
- Receivers Sensitivity: 80 dbm
- Video Modulation: FM
- Weight: 40Lbs


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