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10Hr Basic Motion-Activated VCR
Records video only when motion is detected. Our flagship VMD (video motion detection) chip eliminates the need for a motion detector (PIR) to activate a VCR. This technology turns this VCR into a High Tech video motion detection activated VCR. Our VMD chip scans the video image looking for a change in pixels. When movement is detected the unit is activated for a predetermined period of time, then shuts off until movement is detected again. This system works great for single wired indoor camera use where the area being monitored is free of moving objects (i.e., fans, trees or animals). Records up to 10 hrs of video only when motion is detected. Just plug and play.

10Hr Basic Motion-Activated VCR


VCR-501-VMD Basic Motion-Activated VCR



- Format: VHS Standard
- Video Signal: NTSC
- Scanning: 4-head Helical
- Tape Width: 12.65mm
- Play Time: 10Hr Real T w/t-200Tape
- Dimension: 14 3/16” (L) x 19” W x 3 1/2” (H)
- Power Required: AC 120Volts
- Current Consumption: 14 Watts


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