960Hr Deluxe Motion-Activated VCR
Records video only when motion is detected.
Our flagship VMD (video motion detection) chip eliminates the need for a motion detector (PIR) to activate a VCR.
10Hr Basic Motion-Activated VCR
Our VMD chip scans the video image looking for a change in pixels. When movement is detected the unit is activated for a predetermined period of time, then shuts off until movement is detected again.
960Hr High-Density Time Lapse VCR
High Performance with tons of features at a great price. 30-day memory battery backs up! 24-hour real time and up to 960-hour time lapse. Triple-density image quality is superior to other products.
960 Hour Mini Mobile 12 Volt VCR
Great for private investigators, police, taxis, buses, etc. Almost half the size of a standard VCR.