Wireless Nanny Cam Useless?

Whatís so great about a wireless nanny camera anyway? First lets discuss the basics. Nanny cams are best described as a small camera built into everyday items. They allow parents to monitor their childís well being by a nanny or babysitter.

If you follow news accounts, thereís no doubt youíve seen horrifying stories about an abusive nanny. Did your heart just sink in your chest? Mine sure did! Wireless nanny cams have been instrumental in prosecuting and obtaining convictions in many cases.

This is just one example of just how valuable a nanny cam can be. There are basically 2 styles. Hardwired and wireless. Wireless is definitely more popular than hardwired

The major advantage of wireless nanny cams vs. hardwired is that they are not connected directly to a VCR. They can be placed anywhere with range of its receiver. Typical ranges are between 300í and 700'.

Wireless nanny cams can be installed quickly and easily, even if you have a limited experience with electronics. It simply plugs into an ordinary electrical outlet. Both camera and transmitter are powered by a single cord

The receiver is then plugged in to a VCR at some distance from the nanny cam. This virtually eliminates the chances of the nanny from accidentally finding it.

While nanny cams are primarily associated with catching abusive nannies they have also been used to catch employee theft.

Many employers put clock radio cameras in their office to watch their safe. A clock radio camera fits in so well in an office setting that itís virtually impossible to detect.

Whether its used to catch employee theft or abusive nannies wireless nanny cams has proven to be a great tool for prosecuting criminals

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