Wireless Nanny Cams Review

Why Is The Clock Radio Camera
Our #1 Choice

Over the years we have tested hundreds of expensive and inexpensive wireless nanny cams to determine which styles work best. We factored in practicality, placement and ease of deployment. Our research has determined that the clock radio camera is by far the most versatile. Here's why.


A clock radio can be moved from room to room and not look out of place. Other styles of wireless nanny cams may have clever designs but aren't very practical. How long would a blow dryer in a baby's room go unnoticed?

The whole idea behind a hidden camera is to disguise its true purpose and get the evidence you need. You don't need a cool spy gadget like James Bond.


You need a nanny cam that can be placed where it can get the perfect shot. That might be on a end table, book shelf or kitchen countertop. The ideal placement of a wireless nanny cam is between 3 foot and 6 foot which allows you to maximize the cameras field of view.

The wireless clock radio camera has another key advantage over other nanny cams. You can fine tune its position to the left or right. By contrast a wall clock camera can only point in one direction.

Ease Of Deployment

All nanny cameras need some sort of power supply to work. They can be powered temporarily by batteries but need replacement every few hours which is a major hassle.

Ideally you want to plug your nanny cam into an electrical outlet for long term use. This is why you need to pick a hidden camera that has a natural need to be plugged in.

The clock radio camera is the perfect example of this. Once plugged in, the video signal is sent wirelessly to its receiver and/or recorder.

The technology available today allows for cameras to placed in just about anything but don't waste your time or money on them. Stick to the wireless clock radio, it is the best nanny cam style on the market.

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